Hello Downstate Family!

Many of you have been asking about ordering logo’d Downstate apparel, especially warm-ups as the weather is beginning to turn cold.  We have setup the team apparel store, on 431sports.com, which is where you’ll be ordering your complete uniform kit.  Everyone should receive an email from them, today.  Please note that you are NOT required to purchase your uniform at this time.  We are expecting to be able to compete sometime in the spring, and you’ll need your complete uniform kits at that time.  However, if you’d like to order things now, you are welcome to do so!  Please note that to order anything, you’ll have to purchase the required uniform kit for your program (National, Regional, or Aspire).  When you follow the link that we send you, it’ll take you to a page just for you and your program.

You’ll be able to optionally order additional items, but to order anything (for instance, a set of team warm-ups) you’ll need to order all of the required kit.  Unfortunately, due to the way the programming is done at 431 we can’t change that.