Mission Statement and Core Values

Downstate’s mission has always been to help shape, not solely better volleyball players, but individuals as a whole. Our staff and the Board strive to treat our athletes and their families with the utmost respect and without bias.

Downstate is in the business of training athletes and its core values include that of supporting all individuals regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and all other protected groups. Downstate does not tolerate any individual, athlete, parent, or staff member, acting in any manner which conflicts with Downstate’s missions or core values. This factor will never falter or change as it has been the standard at Downstate since its inception.

Downstate and its staff support and accept the rights of all. This has been an integral part of our principles. Downstate considers of the utmost importance, the safety and well-being of our athletes, their families, and our staff.

Downstate insists on working towards, a safe and comfortable place for our athletes to grow under demanding athletic training.

Downstate has always practiced unbiased selection, training, and treatment of athletes and will continue to do what is in the best interest of the club’s members. As individuals, we may have separate opinions on topic matters, but as a club, we have always and intend to continue, to respect the individual beliefs of all. That said, and keeping with Downstate’s core values and mission, we expect and uphold that all individuals within our club, treat each other with the respect and integrity we instruct our athletes to display.

Downstate encourages a supportive and unbiased environment for all who wish to join us in our mission of helping athletes reach their full potential.




Downstate Athletic Center
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