After leaving the military as a combat medic, Matthew Cochenour had to reestablish himself in a new career. Trying a couple different paths, he looked back to his childhood and realized sports is what gave him his joy. So, a close friend, in Germany at the time, introduced him to some volleyball greats. He worked in schools and in the local country trying to excel and learn more about the game on an international level. When returning to the state an opportunity presented itself at West Point Military Academy which was to start up a volleyball program in the middle school. During that time, he was able to meet many more people who kept introducing me to more and more people in the sport.

During the same year Matthew started with Downstate Juniors VBC. Working with Downstate has opening the door to many more opportunities for him in growing the game. He is now a Director of Downstate Juniors VBC and is going into his 9 season. He has also become a sitting member of the GEVA Board. He has served in the USA HP Pipeline, while also continuing to get educated in the game, currently holding a CAP II and BCAP I.

Matthew works hard at growing the game and giving back to the people and organizations that gave to him. He is always collaborating with different companies and finding new ways to build the region and grow the size of the club he’s in.

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