Greetings parents,

All of you have received emails requesting that you register with GEVA and USA Volleyball. Registration is required in order to participate in competition versus other club teams, including scrimmages and tournaments. In order to play, not only must you register; but, you must be invited into a club and placed on a team roster.

In order to send you an invitation to the club, you must reply to this email with the following:

Location (DAC or WestRock)
Team Name (Look at TeamSnap for the team’s name)
Athlete’s First Name (Please, NOT the parent’s name!)
Athlete’s Last Name
Athlete’s Date of Birth
Email address used to register with GEVA (this is probably the parent’s email – please login and verify that you supply the correct email address, or we will NOT be able to add you to a Downstate roster. If you supply the wrong email address, we must go through a lengthy process of combining the records that requires the assistance of SportsEngine – a process that probably will NOT be completed in time for your daughter to play next weekend).

Please reply no later than Friday, February 12th.  Failure to follow these directions, exactly, may mean that we can not get your daughter added to a roster and she will not be able to participate in the scrimmages next weekend (we have a planned scrimmage versus Club Ace Long Island, the weekend of 2/20).

I apologize for the tone of this email – I realize it’s very direct.  We have little time in which to get this done and it needs to be correct the first time.  To recap, please reply to this email with the following (and only the following):

Team Name
Athlete’s First Name

Athlete’s Last Name
Athlete’s Date of Birth
Email address used to register with GEVA

Joel Stanford
Downstate Juniors VBC