Congratulations to our own Joe and Ashley Felipe for their new addition to the world: Bryson Cole Felipe, born at 5:44AM, June 3, 2020, weighing in at 6lbs 9oz, 20 inches. Welcome Bryson to the Downstate family!

Some videos for today include:

  1. Strength and Conditioning for Volleyball

    A volleyball related 25 minute workout. No equipment needed.

  2. 10 Solo Volleyball Drills To Try at Home

    This runs through all the basic skills, and puts them together. Some things to think about:

    Passing: focus on your platform. Steady hold to target, little movement. During the one arm passing drill, pay attention to contact point. Follow the ball to your platform and ensure it’s contacting on the soft meaty part of your arm. The less movement in your arm, the more control you will have. Let the ball rebound just as you would a full, two arm pass.

    Setting: keep your knees bent and lean forward from hips. Hands at your forehead, thumbs behind the ball. If you can’t see your thumbs as you’re setting, they’re under the ball and you will not have control. During the one hand setting, focus on thumb placement and finishing your palm towards the wall.

    Attacking: sight the ball with non-dominant hand and Aim for high contact. Finish your swing with palm over the top of the ball and towards the ground.

    Blocking footwork: start with hands out in front. After moving, be balanced before you jump.

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