Greetings Downstate Family

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather even during these strange times. Hopefully, you and your families are safe and well.

We wanted to share some news and updates on our end:

USA Volleyball recently lifted sanctions for play throughout the country. Now, although our local governing body is GEVA, USA Volleyball is the governing entity responsible for insurance and liability issues during the normal volleyball season. With sanctions being lifted, the club now has some breathing room for varying forms of communication with our athletes which were not available to us during the sanctioned time period. 

Understandably, the season would have been near an end for most of you, however, with summer training sessions about a month away, we are excited to focus on our athletes continuing to be active and touching a volleyball. Mental and physical health are so important, and even more so in times when social restrictions are in place. 

The Board remains hopeful NY’s Phase 4 will begin as scheduled which will allow us to run our previously discussed summer training sessions, beginning July 13. Downstate will work to ensure safety for our athletes and families when we get back in the gym, and all restrictions and guidelines will be strictly followed. 

Since the training sessions are only about a month away, your coaches will be reaching out to you, weekly, to touch base. We understand the season would now normally be coming to an end, but in these unprecedented times, we think it’s important to stay in touch as we all miss each other and this sport. The weekly meetings, although optional, are strongly encouraged, as coaches will be available to discuss all things volleyball, to help prepare for when we can safely return to the court for training.

The club wide communication we will share will include workout videos varying from cardio High Intensity Training to volleyball specific activities so you can all begin to sharpen your skills for this summer. 

We look forward to seeing you on the court again, soon. Please know, our Downstate Family is very important. As coaches, we miss seeing you and can’t wait to start training again. 

Stay safe and healthy.

Downstate Juniors VBC Board

Tips and Videos of the Day (please share with athletes if this is going to the parent)

  1. AVP Workout Challenge
    This is a fun video of a family workout you can do with siblings and parents. You’ll need a volleyball and a tennis ball.

  2. ATHLEAN-X – Intense Ab Workout | 7 minutes
    If you’re looking for a quick, but tough, ab workout, this seven minute workout can be added to your workout plan at the beginning of end. Try and do this one with every workout!

  3. Drills for Platform Control
    Ball control is the most important part of the game. Here are some very simple ball handling drills to try at home against a wall. The goal is to focus on very little movement in the platform as the athlete shits their body weight towards the target. Thumbs face target and hold through the pass.

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