Aspire Technical Director

Dan Mansell brings a significant depth and breadth of playing and coaching experience to the Downstate Juniors Program.  Dan started his playing career at a young age like most of the girls here at Downstate, in Western NY.  While in high school, Dan played boys junior VB for EdenVBC and competed in tournaments across the country in addition to the NY Empire State games as both a scholastic and later as an open player for 7 years.  Dan played at Ball State (Div I) and Concordia College (Div II).  After college, Dan continued to expand his indoor playing experience competing on various club teams along with Beach & Grass doubles tournaments.   Dan still plays competitively on the beach and occasionally indoors as long as all joints are cooperating.

Dan started his volleyball coaching experience at the club & high school level, while attending College.  Specifically at the Masters School, Westchester-Pepsico Juniors, and Edgemont HS as varsity head coach competing in 2 sectional tournaments.   After college, he continued to coach at the adult club level for men’s, women’s and the Empire State Open women’s VB teams.  Once Dan’s kids grew and sports started, he transitioned his coaching priorities to Soccer and baseball.  Dan returned to coaching Volleyball at Downstate Juniors in 2010/2011 for three years as the 17u Aspire coach winning a flight one GEVA Championship in 2011.  In 2014 Dan transitioned to the 11u and 12u Aspire teams to gain additional experience with the younger ages and to build the foundation of the club.  In 2016, Dan coached the 18u Aspire team to a GEVA Championship.  Most recently Dan coached the 13u and 15u National teams.  Dan will assume the responsibility of developing our Aspire coaching staff as Technical Director for the 2020 season.  Dan is CAP 1 certified.

With player development at the heart of Downstate Juniors, Dan incorporates many aspects of his leadership training and building teams in the workplace to the volleyball court.  He builds a team culture that is not just focused on developing technical skills and strategy, but skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, support, accountability and competitiveness regardless of age, while creating a challenging and fun experience.

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