Hello Players and Parents!

This Saturday, February 27th we are finally having are much anticpated film day session with ConnectVolleyball. Attached you will find the schedule we will be using and who you will be scrimmaging.

ConnectVolleyball will be live streaming the event and then uploading the film right away to the platform so the players can us in making their highlight videos.

When the players are not scrimmaging, all the recruiting coordinators will be on the one side answering questions. Finding out where we are in the process, taking new blocking and vertical numbers if needed.  We will also have a media wall so the all the girls can take indivdual photos (to update all their platforms) as well as team photos for TeamSnap.


These are the youtube chanel links we will be using.

Downstate C1 (Volleyball)



Downstate C2 (Volleyball)



Thank you,

Recruiting Team