Hello Downstate!

I hope this finds all of you healthy and well!

Who would have believed that we would be out of the gym for this long!  WOW this has been an interesting past few week.    I hope that everyone is taking care of themselves and staying healthy.

It has been a while since we as a club sent anything out to everyone and we do apologize for this.   We, more Matt and Joel, have been monitoring the news and the various emails we receive from all the governing bodies that Downstate is a part of.   We are still very hopeful that we will be able to be back in the gym soon.   But until we are a 100 Percent sure of a direction, we are still sitting in limbo with fingers crossed.   As soon as we know something, we will reach out to all of you.

This COVID-19 situation is very frustrating, and I am sure it has burdened a lot of us.   The best thing we can do is keep following the instructions from the experts and keep our social distancing.   Wow what a phrase – Social Distancing – who would have thought that those two words would amount to so much today.   But it is something we all need to be aware of and take careful consideration of.

Reaching out!  Downstate is loaded with amazing people with various skills and resources.   So, I am asking folks that if you do have an issue that maybe one of our other members can help with, please reach out to our members via TeamSnap and let’s see If someone can lend a hand.    On the flip side, if anyone has a great idea or a resource that others may need or can use, let us know.    I have always been a strong believer in people working together to overcome and achieve greatness!

For you athletes!  Stay strong, help your family, look after your younger siblings.  Do what you can at home.  Find a ball, pepper against the wall.  Do contacts!  Ask a family member to toss you the ball and pass it.  Take some approach jumps, work on that block jump!  Keep active!   Hit the books, Study online with friends.  Attempt to learn at least ONE thing new every day.  Keep adding to yourself.  Make tomorrow’s you, better by what you do today!

Stay safe everyone and please, feel free to reach out if you need anything.  If we can help, we will.   We are Downstate Juniors and together, we are invincible!

Best wishes and see you on the court soon!

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