The following message was sent to all GEVA Club Directors from the GEVA Junior Competition Director:

USA Volleyball has now removed all sanctions and authorizations through the April 15th.  I have sent each of you the exact wording from their announcements (two today).  If and when USAV reinstates sanctions the Executive Committee will convene and consider all information available, including state and local governments and the CDC, when deciding GEVA’s further course of action regarding reinstating sanctions.  You are not to consider reinstatement by USAV a reinstatement by GEVA, as state and local government sanctions may still apply.  Again, GEVA will not be rescheduling our events.

GEVA is ending the GEVA Competition Season for the girls effective through May 9th, 2020.

All other volleyball activities as per USAV guideline are suspended.  This includes all training, practices, tournaments, scrimmages etc.  You are not under any circumstance to create or work around to avoid these restrictions.  As stated above, If and when the USAV sanctions are reinstated the Executive Committee will convene and decide on GEVA’s course of action.

  • All rankings were frozen as of Thursday, March 12, 2020.  GEVA will be awarding our currently allotted National and American Bids.  We will allow a trickle down.  Any bids not accepted will be returned and reallocated bids be considered as the situation develops.  It is our opinion there is only a slim chance the BJNC and GJNC will even be conducted.  We will wait to see what transpires with USAV and how their decisions will impact GEVA.
  • GEVA will process and refund all entry fees to the clubs in good standing for GEVA conducted events that did not take place.  For girl’s teams this pertains to Power League, Competition Series, and Regional Championships only.  A club will be refunded only for the portion of the Power League, Competition Series, or Regional Championship events GEVA canceled.  For Boy’s there are no further GEVA events scheduled, therefore there will be no refunds.  It is our intent to calculate the refunds and issue a single check to each club.  We will do this as quickly as feasible.  Still no promises on the timeline.
  • Please be clear we will be refunding Team Entry Fees only.  We will not be refunding any portion of GEVA / USAV Membership fees.
  • GEVA is strongly suggesting the cancelled Club run events follow the refund policy.  We cannot regulate the finances of independent businesses that are our member clubs.  If you have questions for them, please contact them directly.
  • The GEVA High Performance Committee is in touch continuously with each other and the National Program and will make prudent decisions with regard to the program as we go forward.  The main factors involved is the availability to compete against viable USAV and International teams.  It is these factors that help make the event special.
  • We are fully aware there are events outside of GEVA that remain sanctioned by USAV (i.e. East Coast Championships, NEQ, Big South).  We are aware and hopeful some of these events may actually take place.  As soon as we are authorized by USAV to allow clubs to conduct practices and training activities and GEVA deems it prudent to do so, we will notify you.

GEVA will do their best to continue to report on what we are doing, what we hear from governing bodies, and what we plan on doing going forward.  We are in no way discounting the importance of the sport we all love to our members and their supporters. However, it should be obvious to everyone concerned it is not currently our number one concern.  We are doing and will continue to do, the very best we can to assure the safety of our members, their families, and our communities.

————————— (End of GEVA Message) —————————

This could very well be the end of the season; however, we haven’t given up hope that we’ll still be able to get in a few more training sessions and maybe even limited competition. While we believe that it may get worse before it gets better, if things clear up, Downstate is prepared to extend our season into the summer.

We will continue to closely monitor all communication from Federal, State, and Local entities regarding the safety of resuming operations! Our thoughts and prayers are with our extended Downstate family – please stay home, where possible, practice safe social distancing, and look out for those around you that are at high risk. Please reach out regularly, even if just by phone, to family, neighbors and friends, and especially the elderly and others in poor health or high risk situations!

Our world may be forever changed by the impact of COVID-19; but, by working together and supporting each other, we will pull through stronger than ever!  Be safe and we hope to see you again, on the court, soon!

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