COVID-19 Precautions

Dear Downstate Family,

We have been following the news and information in regards to COVID-19, very closely.  I know that we all have concerns and want to do everything we can to keep our families safe! With this in mind, I recently read an article, by a well known doctor, that covered precautions that you can take to minimize the risk to you and your families. While I’m very aware that not everything on the interenet can be believed, I tried to investigate the source of this article and it seems to be legitimate – regardless, there’s no arguing that the precautions recommended just make good sense!

You can see the article at this website (and many others):

There are a couple of recommendations that I would add specifically for our teams that are participating in tournaments this season:

  1. I believe it’s time to do away with the pre and post game handshake.  Let’s help lead the way by waving and wishing the other teams “Good Luck!”, but avoiding contact.  Coaches, I would suggest that you discuss this with the opposing team’s coach during warmups so that it doesn’t come as a surprise and appear as if our teams are acting in an unsportsman like manner.
  2. After EVERY match, as a team, please go to the nearest washroom and everyone on the team wash their hands, thoroughly.

By following these two simple precautions, in addition to following the advice from the article, we can help to ensure that our athletes have the best possible experience while helping minimize the risks of infection!

Best of luck to everyone playing this weekend, and remember to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face!

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