Greetings parents and athletes playing at Somers Sports Arena,

Due to a big wrestling event that will be held at Somers Sports Arena, on Saturday, 12/4, there won’t be any Downstate practices that day.  To help get a little “extra” court time, I’m going to host position clinics, focused on serving and passing, on Sunday morning, 12/5.

These will be 1 hour optional practice sessions as a makeup for the cancelled Saturday practice.  The schedule for teams will be as follows:

8a – 9a, 12s and 13s (7th grade and younger)
9a – 10a, 14s (8th graders)
10a – 11a, 15s (9th graders)
11a – 12p, 16/17s (10/11th graders)

I’ll update all of the practice schedules in TeamSnap to reflect this, as well.

Joel Stanford
Downstate Director