Hello Players and Parents:

We hope you are all as excited about the season starting as we are! We know you’re all anxious and most likely have some questions pertaining to the upcoming season, and particularly, regarding how Downstate will be addressing issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we wanted to share some thoughts:

During the course of this pandemic, Downstate has done its best to follow all CDC and NYS guidelines as those rules pertained to our club and in an effort to keep our players, staff, and families safe. The same will be true for this season as we all try to move forward towards the beginning steps of our new normal.

CDC now states, vaccinated individuals can remain unmasked indoors, while unvaccinated individuals are still required to wear a mask.

USA Volleyball’s current position is it will follow the local and state rules and guidelines, respective to each tournament location. Therefore, it is possible masks will be required for our athletes when we travel to away tournaments. Additionally, there may be other requirements and restrictions at each tournament site. We will push out whatever information pertinent, prior to tournament dates.


As for the rule at Downstate facilities: All athletes and coaches will wear masks until proof of vaccination is provided to a Coach or Director. If a player or coach is not vaccinated, (or chooses not to provide proof of vaccination) they must continue to wear a mask while indoors and during training. Once proof of vaccination has been verified, coaches and athletes are permitted to remove their masks while indoors. Anyone who chooses to wear a mask, can continue to do so regardless of vaccination status.

It should be noted, the DAC rules are put in place by Downstate; if a mandatory mask mandate becomes a requirement in any satellite location (Somers, West Rock, and/or Lagrange) the teams will have to adjust accordingly.


We will be allowing spectators again into our facility during practices. For the DAC, spectators will only be permitted in the upstairs viewing gallery; at Lagrangeville, spectators will only be permitted against the wall by the office.

ALL SPECTATORS MUST REMAIN MASKED WHILE IN DOWNSTATE FACILITIES. The reason for this is simply: lack of manpower. We do not have the ability to check every parent, each time they enter, or a way to track each spectator’s status, and therefore, we are simply asking for parents’ cooperation in this. Should we come up with a way to better handle this during the season, we will push that information out. However, in the interim, we are permitting spectators, but requiring masks.

As we have said all along, Downstate will continue to monitor the pandemic, all guidelines and requirements and adjust accordingly if necessary.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Downstate Board