If you have already placed your uniform order, you can ignore the remainder of this message (please, do not email asking for confirmation – you know if you did it or not and the system works!)

The uniform order form will close on Sunday night, 10/10.  All uniforms ordered up to that point will go to production this week.  If you have not already done so, please go to the following link and order your uniform kit, today:


Q: Do I have to order the full uniform kit, even if I want a few items?
A: Yes, everyone athlete on the team needs the full uniform kit.

Q: The uniform order doesn’t ask for my number. How do I order uniforms without that?
A: We collected uniform number preferences during the commitment registration. Downstate staff will resolve uniform number conflicts and supply numbers to our supplier.

Q: I missed the deadling to order, can I still order my uniform?
A: In a couple of weeks we’ll open the order form for a 2nd production run. Note, the price of the uniform kit will increase and it probably won’t arrive before the start of the season.  Athletes will not be able to participate in tournaments without the uniform kit.


Once again, please do not email asking to confirm that you ordered your uniform. For any other questions, please email

Downstate Staff