Hello players and parents!

We are excited to see you all at the upcoming tryouts. Specific dates and times are as follows for 9th Grade & Older:

8/28, EAST (Somers)

2:00-4:00 All 9th Graders 15u
4:00-6:00 All 10th & 11th Graders 16u/17u

8/29, DAC – Peekskill

9:00-12:00 All 9th Graders 15u
12:30-3:30 All 10th Graders 16u
4:00-6:00 All 11th Graders 17u
6:30-8:30 All 12th Graders 18u
6:30-8:30 Boys

8/29, NORTH (LaGrange)

10:00-12:00 All 9th Graders 15u
12:30-2:30 All 10th Graders 16u
3:00-5:00 All 11th & 12th Graders 17u/18u
5:30-7:00 All Boys

8/29, WEST (Nanuet)

8:00a-10:00a Boys
8:00a-10:00a All 9th Graders 15u
10:00a-12:00p All 10th & 11th Graders 16u/17u

As a reminder, all athletes, coaches, and staff must wear a mask during tryouts. Additionally, in order to decrease potential exposure, no spectators will be allowed during tryouts .

IMPORTANT – If you are unable to make this or the next tryout for your age group/location please send an email to info@downstatevolleyball.com including:

The athlete’s name and grade.
The program for which the athlete is trying out. (Aspire, Regional, National)
Location and date the athlete is unable to attend.
If they played last season, the team in which they played.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended athletes attend both tryout dates to ensure the most time for coaches to evaluate them.

At check-in we’ll verify the athlete’s name and grade as well as the program level (National, Regional, or Aspire). We’ll also give the athlete a number to wear during tryouts (REMINDER: All players should retain this number for the second tryout).

After registration has been completed, the player [ONLY] will:

Enter through the specified door at the Downstate staff member’s direction.
Proceed into the gym.
Put on all gear downstairs near the court.
Line their bags neatly against the wall.
Place all water bottles off the floor and in their bags.

Lastly, in order to mitigate potential risks to our athletes and staff, anyone who is experiencing any potential Flu-like symptoms (or doesn’t feel well for any reason) should please stay home. If this is the case, please send an email to info@downstatevolleyball.com and include the information requested, above.

We thank all of you for your continued cooperation and support and look forward to seeing you during the upcoming season.

Downstate Board.