Hello Players and Parents.

I’m sorry to have to write you this email but I must. So they have officially cancelled the Rhode Island Tournament.  We ask that you please leave those weekends open because we are looking at trying to fill those with something.

The email I just received:

2021 Rhode Island Rumble Teams:
We missed so much hosting all of you in Providence in 2020! Unfortunately, though it pains us greatly to say this, we will be unable to host the event this year as well.
As of today, February 25th, we have not been guaranteed that the RI Convention Center, currently serving as a hospital, will be returned to its regular use in time for the two April RI Rumble weekends. Although we have two alternate weekends on reserve a few weeks later in May we cannot get confirmation that the facility will be ready and available at that time either.
We understand that everyone would like to get back to playing our events and we continue to plan additional events for later in the season in the Northeast. With that in mind we felt it is not right to keep teams waiting any longer and thus allow for contingent regional planning.
As this cancelation has occurred early enough that our only expense thus far has been the awards, we will refund the complete entry fee to all teams for each event this coming week. It will likely 5-7 business days from when the refunds are initiated before the credit shows back up on teams’ accounts. THS will be working with the hotels to cancel contacts and blocks so there is nothing that needs to be done on your end in that area.

AJ Joseph and Dave Peixoto
Tournament Directors
Rhode Island Rumble

Downstate Directors