Because of the uncertainty of the upcoming season, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Downstate will start the season with a "Training Only" format. We will be forming our team groups similar to last year, with National, Regional, and Aspire programs.  While we will start the season with training only, and have set our prices accordingly, we have high hopes that we will be able to compete against other teams, at both local 1-day tournaments and overnight travel events.  Please read below for more detailed information on the differences between the programs, and what we will be doing to make the environment as safe as possible during the season.

West Regional Teams

After a successful, albeit shortened, pilot for a regional travel program during the 2019-2020 season, Downstate has decided to expand the program this year. We are offering the program to more age groups and extending the practice times.  Also, by popular request, we are also adding our extensive support and resources for the college recruiting effort!

Highlights of the program include:

  • 2 practices a week, each 2 hours long (see Note 1).
  • 5 months of training, beginning the week after Thanksgiving and continuing through the end of April.
  • Approximately 80 practice hours.
  • Experience coaching staff, that has coaches and/or played the game at a high level. Generally 1 coach per team.
  • Match statistics are tracked and recorded for every tournament.
  • All tournaments are filmed for use by the athletes during the college recruiting process and for training and review with the coaching staff.
  • Normally enters the GEVA Power League Play-in to qualify for Power League.
  • 5 local tournaments (see note 2).
  • 3 multi-day travel tournaments, such as Winterfest and Great Nor'Easter (see note 3).
  • Extensive college recruiting support, including a new program utilizing to expand on the resources and assistance available.

Season Pricing: $2,295 (14s-17s)
(does not include travel related expenses)

Note 1: Beginning the week of November 30th, teams will practice twice a week, on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Due to the postponement of high school volleyball, we began once a week practices, early in October. During the NY high school season, we may drop back to once a week practices. Overall, the teams will have approximately 40, 2  hour practice sessions during the season.

Note 2: Due to restrictions and uncertainties related to COVID-19, we are unable to determine the cost, format, or availability of local tournaments. If and when tournaments become available, the cost to attend them will be divided among the team members as an additional charge. For point of reference, last season, tournament entry fees were up to $350 per day.  We will also add a charge for coaches time, travel and meal expenses.

Note 3: Most of the major multi-day tournaments that Downstate has attended in the past have published dates and reserved convention centers. However, much uncertainty remains regarding formats and cost.  As such, we will publish a detailed travel expense invoice 2-4 weeks in advance of tournaments and all team members will be expected to pay their share. These costs typically include tournament entry fees and the time and travel expenses for the coaching staff. Because of the pandemic, parents are responsible for booking a hotel room at the specified venue and athletes will stay with their parents. Because of this, invoiced travel expenses are expected to be significantly lower than in seasons past.